Gardiner St. Demo

by Jack Luster

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released August 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Jack Luster Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Stains of Strangers
It’s those wind chimes while you clear your throat,
that thin breeze before a storm.
(a still and fair warning)

It’s that half inch of sludge
between your skeleton and skin
that shows in your morning’s face.
(a moment of innocence before seeping
into a bloated sense of self)

It’s those horns you’ve bent into a halo,
while wearing birthday dresses
with the stains of strangers and saying,
“Reassurance is for insecurity.”

It’s that dust between the cracks of floorboards
which can’t be seen
but with breath comes sneezing.
(a collection to walk on top and ignore)

You’re that piece of eggshell that fell
into the bowl of yolk,
dodging hands to help get out.
(a mindset comprised
of suppressed memories)

You’re those rainbow colors in the road
made by motors that went over.
(A puddle from the runoff of others)
There are wind chimes while you clear your throat.
Track Name: Portrait of a Vibe
I took time to myself
And I focused on breathing
Track Name: Modest Blouse
You went off again it seems a habit
Did I annoy you?

Well I don't care whether you return again
You are not what I built you up to be

I could have found this out sooner
I wish I found this out sooner